Wiki: Schema for redbasic

Schema for redbasic

Narrow navbar - 'narrow_navbar' - 'No','Yes'
Navigation bar background color - 'nav_bg'
Navigation bar icon color - 'nav_icon_colour'
Navigation bar active icon color - 'nav_active_icon_colour'
Link color - 'link_colour'
Set font-color for banner - 'banner_colour'
Set the background color - 'bgcolour'
Set the background image' - 'background_image'
Set the background color of items - 'item_colour'
Set the background color of comments - 'comment_item_colour'
Set font-size for the entire application - 'font_size', (1rem, 100%, 16px')
Set font-color for posts and comments - 'font_colour'
Set radius of corners - 'radius'
Set shadow depth of photos - 'shadow'
Set maximum width of content region in pixel - 'converse_width'
Set size of conversation author photo - 'top_photo'
Set size of followup author photos - 'reply_photo'