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Yann Muller

A great weekend of camping and walking on the coastal path on the Gower peninsula.



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Thank you for sharing !
Going back a few years in the archives, I added a trip report from a long business trip to South Korean in late 2013. Working there was soul crushing but I had enough time to discover a fascinating country and its people.

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Very nice!
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Two more trip reports added to the travel section: across France in 2017 and 2016, avoiding main roads and the shortest route.

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Welcome to I now have a proper server to host my Hubzilla-based website.

There is not much content yet, but to get started, here is a trip report from my travels to Ireland last year. Read it or just look at the pictures. Then start planning for your own trip!

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This is a very nice report. Definitely makes me want to plan a trip there myself.