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I tried posting this in the morning but I guess I set too restrictive permissions and it never appeared on the forum. How can I post to the forum only, so that it doesn't show in my channel?

I've installed Hubzilla a few days ago and I'm trying to find my way around. I've encountered a few issue with the photo albums:
  • ]The full screen view of the photos is actually full size. So you have to scroll around to see the image. If the image has not been resized it is pretty much impossible to use. I don't mind resizing photos before uploading them but there is no resolution that will work on all screen sizes.
  • I uploaded 120 photos to a new albums and selected the option for a post for the new album. I expected a post with a link to the album. But instead I got 120 posts linking to individual pictures. I deleted the album and that removed the posts too. Except for my only connection so far (a test user) where the posts are still showing with broken image links.
For the moment, I have a workaround for the second issue, but it is a bit of work and I didn't get it quite right as it opens in a new window. I copy the URL of the album page and create a new post with a link to it and then I edit it to add one image from the album as a preview and link to the album.

Any suggestion for the first problem?
Yann Muller
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Thanks Mario. I like your proposed solution for 1).

2) Not a problem, I'll play around with the syntax of my manually created post so that it opens in the same window.

It seems the deleted posts have eventually disappeared from my "friend's" Activity. I guess it took a while to synchronise the deletion.
Also like your proposed solution for 1), @Mario Vavti If we get a full screen view it could also be nice to be able to switch to the last/next picture in this full screen view without having to close the full screen window first. So as to be able to view a album full screen smoothly. I guess that should be possible somethow with colorbox, but I have no idea how much work it would be.
Hm, perhaps I should try to get deeper into php again ... just too many ideas to ask other people to implement them ...
Mario Vavti
@Philipp on my todolist is a seperate gallery addon using this library: http://photoswipe.com

It probably does not fit into core so well because we can also have comments on photos and the possibility to edit photos. That is subject to investigation still though...