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When I travel on my motorbike I usually spend the nights in campsites. It is cheaper than hotels or B&Bs and I get spare money for a nice meal. And sometimes the location of the campsite is just fantastic. I have pitched my tent on the seafront in Ireland, at the top of Welsh cliffs, in the French hills and many more beautiful places.

I have been using a Vango Halo 200 tent for several years. Unfortunately during my last trip in the Alps I somehow made a large tear on the flysheet. I tried to repair it but nothing seems to stick very well to the fabric. So I started looking for a replacement.

My friend lent me his tent to try out. It's a hiker's tent by Decathlon. It is light and packs very small while still being a decent size. There is nothing wrong with this tent but I would have to change my habits. The porches are too small to hold my motorcycle panniers. I am used to having access to all my things without going out of the tent. But the little thing that annoyed me is that to keep a door open you have to tie it up to the side otherwise it falls back closed. I just don't have the patience for that sort of things. I decided to replace my old tent with the updated version of the same model.

The current model of the Halo 200 has gained a new Pro moniker and is a lot more expensive. It is not obvious why. The flysheet uses a stronger fabric and that is a clear improvement after the demise of my previous tent. Vango claims that the poles are more eco-friendly but does not elaborate. Not a word on whether they are as strong as before. Considering that the ends are now made of plastic I would guess not. Also the poles are longer than on the old model when folded. That is incredibly annoying as pack size does matter.

I can't be sure that the groundsheet is thinner than it used to be but it does feel like it. The fabric is a bit translucent and appears fragile. I hope it doesn't get damaged as soon as I pitch the tent on rough ground. In other disappointing changes, the plastic ring on the inside that was so convenient to hang a little torch is gone. Instead there are two minuscule fabric loops at will of course serve the same purpose but they are so impractical. Also impractical is the packing bag. The opening along the length of the bag is supposed to make it easy to pack but the bag is just too big so it is almost impossible to pack small. The new flysheet is a very dark grey and I am a bit worried that it will make the tent very hot in the sun.

This is almost the same tent as I used to have but not quite. Overall it seems like a downgrade. There has been a fairly obvious cost-cutting exercise. I will soon find out how the tent holds up on the road.
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I didn't keep up with updating the site during my trip. But now I'm slowly preparing a trip report with photos and comments.

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A morning in Freiburg.


Also a walk in the Wutachschlucht and the evening in Konstanz.

Schwarzwald or the art of doing too much in one day

Baden-Baden, the Schwarzwaldhochstraße, lots of minor roads and a family dinner : more than we could handle.


Crossing the Vosges on the way to Alsace.


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First leg of the trip to the Champagne area.

Fully loaded and ready to go.


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I finally got around to publishing my EBU-TT-D subtitle converter to github. The code is distributed under the terms of the GPL.

I need subtitles to watch Tatort in German but the subtitle format provided by the Mediathek is not supported by most media players. As I couldn't find a tool to convert the broadcast format to something simpler and in general use, I wrote my own. Converting to SRT was the easiest but it shouldn't be too difficult to support more output formats.
ebu2srt is a simple subtitle converter for EBU-TT-D format.

I'll add binary releases soon. I also wouldn't mind some help creating a Debian package.

A great weekend of camping and walking on the coastal path on the Gower peninsula.



More photos...
Thank you for sharing !
Going back a few years in the archives, I added a trip report from a long business trip to South Korean in late 2013. Working there was soul crushing but I had enough time to discover a fascinating country and its people.

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Very nice!
Helping with the lighting and stage at Woodcode Amateur Drama Society.

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Two more trip reports added to the travel section: across France in 2017 and 2016, avoiding main roads and the shortest route.

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Welcome to I now have a proper server to host my Hubzilla-based website.

There is not much content yet, but to get started, here is a trip report from my travels to Ireland last year. Read it or just look at the pictures. Then start planning for your own trip!

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This is a very nice report. Definitely makes me want to plan a trip there myself.
My schema for the redbasic theme is coming along nicely, considering I don't really know where I'm going with it. Some of the blue tints coming from bootstrap are difficult to get rid of.

I quite like your basic direction, it's somewhat near what I'd do today.
I used to do a Friendica theme back in the days, long gone and I even do no longer remember what it looked like, which is a pitty somehow.
Thanks. I'm fairly pleased with the schema so far. I managed to get rid of most of the blue highlights now.
But I'm going to struggle to give it some polish as I've more or less reached the end of my design skills. ;)

I have started an article about using Android without a Google account for enhanced privacy.
I'll keep updating it with more details and useful apps...

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Hi all,
I'm using the Zot API to build a sorted list of photos in an album. I found a solution with the /api/z/1.0/photos API but it is probably not ideal. It returns all the photos in the database. I then filter them with the album name and imgscale 1, etc... It is fine now that I have a few pictures only but I don't know if it will be usable once the number of photos grows.

Anybody has a better idea?

I'm converting some existing pages with lots of pictures to HZ. Adding the photos one by one from the albums is very tedious so I'm just automating things a bit. The zmg tag is easy since the database gives out the src with a full path. For a zrl tag, I think I need to construct it with resource_id and the path to the albums. I can hardcode the path for now but I'd rather do something that works on any HZ install.
Thanks for the tip. I'll have a look. I've not had a chance yet to try widgets or modifying the layout.
A possibly more efficient method would be to fetch /api/z/1.0/albums first to get the list of albums and then enumerate each of those with /api/z/1.0/photos?album=xxxxx replacing xxxxx with the urlencode: entry for each desired album
That's just what I was looking for. Thank you.

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I tried posting this in the morning but I guess I set too restrictive permissions and it never appeared on the forum. How can I post to the forum only, so that it doesn't show in my channel?

I've installed Hubzilla a few days ago and I'm trying to find my way around. I've encountered a few issue with the photo albums:
  • ]The full screen view of the photos is actually full size. So you have to scroll around to see the image. If the image has not been resized it is pretty much impossible to use. I don't mind resizing photos before uploading them but there is no resolution that will work on all screen sizes.
  • I uploaded 120 photos to a new albums and selected the option for a post for the new album. I expected a post with a link to the album. But instead I got 120 posts linking to individual pictures. I deleted the album and that removed the posts too. Except for my only connection so far (a test user) where the posts are still showing with broken image links.
For the moment, I have a workaround for the second issue, but it is a bit of work and I didn't get it quite right as it opens in a new window. I copy the URL of the album page and create a new post with a link to it and then I edit it to add one image from the album as a preview and link to the album.

Any suggestion for the first problem?
@Philipp on my todolist is a seperate gallery addon using this library:

It probably does not fit into core so well because we can also have comments on photos and the possibility to edit photos. That is subject to investigation still though...
@Mario Vavti Oh yes, photoswipe looks great!

!Hubzilla Support Forum
I've noticed that depending on the width of the window, the Login and Register buttons are not always shown.

If the window is wide, all the buttons are showing. If the window is quite narrow, it switches to a mobile theme (looks good on my phone). But somewhere in the middle the buttons just go missing.


It's not a huge problem but if your screen is just in the wrong size bracket it can be confusing.

Thanks for reporting this.
I'll have a look asap.

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Figuring things out...

Eventually there will be some public stuff but some content will be available only to friends and family. To get to this you will need a Hubzilla account. You can register here or on any of the public Hubzilla servers, for example . Then add me as a contact with .

Hubzilla is a bit complicated but you can think of it as a very powerful decentralised Facebook without the corporate spying.
Fun fact.
Around 2011/2012 I joined Friendica. Migrated along to Red Matrix. Created an f account in March 2015. Hubzilla 1.0 was released 03.12.2015.
To this day I find f unnecessarily intransparent, complicated and lacking. There is so much I learned to love in here ... especially after I found how not to do it. I am using f only very reluctantly and very passively. Unfortunately there are a few groups which started as good old mailing lists that still keep me from not deleting that account. But using it ... is no fun.
@h.ear.t | tobias You wrote: " There is so much I learned to love in here ... especially after I found how not to do it." Tobias, what did you find out about how NOT to do it?